Small Groups

What is a small group?

Well, as you probably guessed, it is a smaller group of fellowship within the larger church. It may be a group of people joined together by gender, or age, or life situation or desire to study a certain topic or all the above. It may be a temporary group that meets for one study or it may be an ongoing group. Either way, we firmly believe that getting plugged into a small group is how people develop and grow in their faith and build a community.

What small groups does Oak Grove offer? 

Our mission at Oak Grove is to help you CONNECT – GROW – SERVE and our small groups are designed to accomplish that mission. Just understand they often overlap and most people belong to more than one group. 

CONNECT GROUPS (10:00 am Sunday)

These are the groups that meet on Sunday morning at 10:00 am, before morning worship. These groups are an ideal place to start. Here people are grouped by their age (from nursery to senior adult) and study how their faith and the Word of God have real-life applications for them today. Even better, all ages use the Bible Studies For Life , allowing you to have one conversation with your entire family on what you learned on Sunday. Our morning worship is also often designed to build off the same theme, giving you a total worship experience like no other.

GROW GROUPS (7:00 pm Wedensday)

When you are ready to grow in your faith then the next step is one of our grow groups.  Our Sunday night study groups are a place where you can gather with your peers to discuss life, faith and everything in between. This is not a place where a teacher lectures you, this is a place where fellow Christians help one another better understand their faith, face their fears, and learn together. We meet weekly on Sunday nights at 5:00 pm.

Throughout the year we offer a wide range of in-depth studies using many different methods. Perhaps you are looking for a long-term, verse by verse study of the Bible? Or maybe a study on how to be a better parent or spouse? Some are long-term studies others only last six weeks or so, either way, this is the place to grow in your understanding of the faith and grow your relationships with others.

SERVICE GROUPS (Various Times)

We do not only learn about God and His Word to better ourselves but to put our faith into action helping others and spreading the good news about who Jesus is and what He has done! We offer two groups to help you continue to grow in your faith while also living a life on mission with God. 

Women's Missionary Union (WMU)

Our service group for women is the Oak Grove chapter of the WMU. This ladies group meets on the first Sunday night of each month at 5 pm and has fellowships throughout the month. In addition to supporting mission work around the world and here at home, the ladies also have a service project each month that anyone can help out with. Ranging from food and clothing drives to adopting needy families, the WMU is a great place for all women to share the love of Christ while building their faith.   Check out our WMU page here.

The Brotherhood

Our service group for men is the Brotherhood. The focus of the brotherhood is to equip men to lead their families, serve their communities and build their faith. They meet on the first Sunday night of each month at 5 pm and hold fellowships throughout the month. In addition, they have monthly service projects that anyone can help out with, ranging from doing yard work and home repair for widows to collecting Bibles for evangelism.  The Brotherhood is a great place for men of all ages to not only find a place to serve but to find mentors for life.  Check out our Brotherhood page here.

What about the kids?

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about them! Head over to our Kids & Youth page to see the small groups we have for children of all ages.